As you know, there are many challenges facing families today. Most families struggle from time-to-time with issues like:
• Job Stress
• Employment Insecurity
• Financial Concerns
• Finding Quality Child Care
• Teen Behavior Problems
• Blended Family Conflicts

Parents often come from differing backgrounds, have different parenting and communication styles, and may even have different visions of what a successful family should look like. Add all of that together and it is no surprise that many marriages don’t make it.

The experts agree that a two-parent married couple living in a loving, safe and stable home environment provides the best opportunity for positive youth development. With a marriage dissolution rate of 68% and cohabitation on the rise, fewer of our children are growing up in the traditional two-parent married household.

As a result, many of us also deal with child support issues, different-rules-at-different-houses behavior issues, and maintaining a positive relationship with the child’s other parent even when you don’t like the new person in that parent’s life. Sometimes family life is overwhelming and can even affect our work-life.

The Network for Strengthening Families provides training, services and support to help Jacksonville families stay on target for success. Dr. Stephen Covey’s, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” was customized exclusively for Jacksonville to empower families and assist them in reaching their goals. In addition to the “7 Habits of Successful Families” workshop, families also have access to issue specific resources offered by over 50 Network Partners throughout the community.

For more information, contact:
Michelle Hughes, Director
Jacksonville Network for Strengthening Families
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