What Families Say

What Families Say about Our Program:

“This program changed our lives.  Before attending the workshop, I never listened to anyone because I talked constantly.  I also thought it was my job to control what everyone else did and said.  I realized that I was turning people off; they either avoided me or didn’t pay attention or just shut me out – like my wife.  Since changing my attitude about control and practicing listening, I have gotten a lot of positive responses from people, have been promoted to supervisor at work and have changed the way my family gets along and communicates.  We are teaching our kids the “7 Habits”.  Now we are getting services through the agencies you referred and can’t wait for the next step”.  (A husband who graduated from a workshop with his wife)

“As a result of my substance abuse, I had lost custody of my son.  I was homeless and getting by on odd jobs. I came across a brochure about the program while cleaning a friend’s house for money. I entered a rehab program and graduated 7 Habits. I got clean and the Network helped me write a letter to the judge to reopen my case.  I was able to get my son back and have started my own cleaning business. I am drug free and in a healthy relationship now.” (A graduate who shared her story at a graduation over a year after completing the program.)

“I was ready to turn my daughter in to DCF (child welfare) for the way she treated my grandson. She would lose her temper with him and I was afraid she was going to really hurt him.  Hoping to help, I talked her into attending your class. I even came with her. She called me the other day.  She was so mad, but had locked herself in the bathroom so she could “pause, think and do” without hurting my grandson. I wanted to cry!  Your program has made such a difference for my family, I had to call and tell you ‘thank you’.” (A Grandma)

“I had been a drug addict for a long time.  Because of my lifestyle, contact with son was cut off over ten years ago. I am getting my life together now. I’m in rehab and went through your workshop.  7 Habits made me realize the importance of family.  I decided to contact my 21 year old son. He agreed to meet with me. I apologized for not being there for him and asked if we could try to reestablish the relationship. He agreed to try. I don’t think it would have ever happened without your class.” (A father)

“I’ve really noticed a difference in how my husband and I get along.  Since I started listening more and trying Win-Win, he’s treating me better, too”. (Wife)

“This program was very educational.  It made me think and want to change things that would help my family as a whole.  This program should be part of pre-marital courses to help couples start on the right foot.” (Husband)